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Term & Conditions
1. We will give the quotation to customer on 3 days max. If the quotation matches the customer’s need, then Sales Confirmation Form should be signed and 50% down payment should be paid to the seller’s bank account by TT (Telegraphic Transfer).
2. Settlement should be done 7 days before loading the goods to container.
3. All prices are based on FOB term (Freight On Board). We don’t serve other term of shipping.
4. The first order will be processed in 45 - 60 working days after the seller receives the down payment on seller’s bank account.
5. Price may include export documents such as: COO (Certificate Of Origin), Invoice, and Packing List
6. For shisha briquettes, price may also include packaging: 1 kg inner plastic, 1 kg inner box (full color printing), and 10 kgs / 20 kgs master box (brown kraft).
7. Printing and design of customer’s brand may be applied. If you need other packaging specifications besides our standard (point number 6), cost of printing will be additional.
8. Sea freight cost (from Indonesian ports to destined ports) will be informed after we check with freight forwarder (optional).
Q : If I want to order your briquettes, is there a minimum order?
A : Yes, the minimum order is 10 - 18 metric tons (MT) inside one 20 feet container or FCL (Full Container Load)

Q : How to order your briquettes?
A : You can contact us at our Whatsapp number: +6282337740712 or by email at [email protected]. You can find them on this page.

Q : Can I get a sample of the briquettes?
A : Yes, you can. We will send you the sample of our briquettes upon request. You only need to pay for the shipping cost.

Q : How long is the production period?
A : For first order, it takes us approximately 1,5 – 2 months. For the following orders, we will try to produce in shorter time.

Q : Are the shisha/hookah briquettes made of other materials besides coconut shell charcoal?
A : Our shisha/hookah briquettes are made of 100% high quality of coconut shell charcoal without a mixture of wood or other materials. There is a binder of 3% - 4% made from tapioca flour which is environmentally friendly. We don’t use materials such as nitrate, borax, lime, and sawdust in our shisha/hookah briquettes, so that our briquettes are odorless and healthier.

Q : What is the best way to ignite the shisha/hookah briquettes?
A : By using a special stove for shisha/hookah briquettes. Place it on the stove for a few minutes then flip it over until the heat flows evenly. Wait until almost all sides are coated with light ash and the briquettes are ready to use.

Q : Can you produce custom briquettes according to my request?
A : Yes, you can discuss it with us