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Coconut Charcoal Briquettes
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Borobudur Coco is Indonesian coconut shell charcoal briquettes manufacturer and exporter who focus on briquettes with green material such as coconut shell. Our factory is located in Central Java, Indonesia
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100% Coconut Shell Material
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Low Ash Content
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Long Burning Time
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International standard
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Quick Ignition Time
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We produce two types of coconut charcoal briquettes for wholesale buyers


Committed To Provide Premium Quality Products
Since 2012 Borobudur Coco has been committed to maintain the quality of premium charcoal briquettes for export. Using 100% coconut shell raw material and strict controlled production process, we are able to expand our export distribution to Europe and Middle East.

We produce premium charcoal briquettes with large-scale production capacity, giving you the best quality with characteristics of long lasting burning, high calories, and low ash content. Our briquettes are suitable for burning shisha and BBQ. Briquettes quality is what we prioritize, as our products have been supported by credible and trusted product certification testing.
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Prioritizing the quality of our products with the right standards and procedures.
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Fulfilling the needs of our products with premium quality according to export standards.
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Products have been certified to gain the trust of customers in various countries.
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We are committed to maintain quality and mutually beneficial long-lasting business relationship.
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Our products have been supported by credible and trusted product certification testing. You can find the certificate by click on the logo below:

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Laboratorium Certification


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Recent News
News Briquettes Charcoal gambar3T
Briquettes Charcoal
Coconut shell briquettes are an alternative fuel that has many advantages when using it. Some of the advantages of using coconut shell briquettes are saving and economical, safe and environmentally friendly. Coconut shell briquettes are flammable, can last long and produce high heat energy, so that when compared to other fuels, coconut shell briquettes are more efficient. This briquette processing does not add chemicals so that when used it does not smoke and the ash does not fly. By using this briquette, there is no need to worry about the equipment having black stains, because this briquette does not leave stains on the equipment.

Advantages of Coconut Shell Briquettes
This coconut shell briquette has many advantages, namely:

  • Cheaper and economical.
  • No risk of exploding or burning like kerosene stoves and LPG stoves.
  • High and continuous heat is very good for combustion that takes a long time.
  • It doesn't make any noise and isn't so alert, so it doesn't damage cooking utensils.
  • Environmentally friendly and safe for health, especially for housewives who often cook in the kitchen.
  • The source of briquettes from coconut shells is abundant.
News Best Charcoal BBQ gambar 2T
Best Charcoal BBQ
Looks easy, making a charcoal fire for BBQ does the trick. This is so that the coals last longer but do not make the food burn.

Before holding a BBQ party, first prepare the ingredients and all the tools. Not to forget to make a charcoal fire that has a good and durable flame. Here's what you need to do to make a charcoal fire.

There are 3 types of charcoal that are commonly found in the market, namely wood charcoal, shell charcoal, and briquette charcoal. Wood charcoal is mostly sold at relatively cheap prices. For coconut shell charcoal and charcoal briquettes, burning coals is more durable than wood charcoal.
News Charcoal Briquettes Indonesia gambar1T
Charcoal Briquettes Indonesia
Briquettes are a block of material that can be burned for fuel. This alternative fuel is made from the combustion of small materials. Briquettes can be made from various types of materials but the most commonly used briquettes are charcoal briquettes, rock briquettes, biomass briquettes and peat briquettes. How to make briquettes is quite easy and in making it can take advantage of the materials around us. This briquette is very helpful in terms of cooking and various other needs, this briquette is an alternative fuel that is quite economical and can be the choice of the community. This briquette has many advantages because it is able to produce high heat energy and can be durable, making this one fuel the right choice to save money. Briquettes can be made from coconut shell charcoal, wood dust, organic waste, husk charcoal and so on. Various types of this material can be used as best as possible for the manufacture of fuel...
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