Page FAQ
Q : If I want to order your briquettes, is there a minimum order?
A : Yes, the minimum order is 10 - 18 metric tons (MT) inside one 20 feet container or FCL (Full Container Load)

Q : How to order your briquettes?
A : You can contact us at our Whatsapp number: +6282337740712 or by email at [email protected]. You can find them on this page.

Q : Can I get a sample of the briquettes?
A : Yes, you can. We will send you the sample of our briquettes upon request. You only need to pay for the shipping cost.

Q : How long is the production period?
A : For first order, it takes us approximately 1,5 – 2 months. For the following orders, we will try to produce in shorter time.

Q : Are the shisha/hookah briquettes made of other materials besides coconut shell charcoal?
A : Our shisha/hookah briquettes are made of 100% high quality of coconut shell charcoal without a mixture of wood or other materials. There is a binder of 3% - 4% made from tapioca flour which is environmentally friendly. We don’t use materials such as nitrate, borax, lime, and sawdust in our shisha/hookah briquettes, so that our briquettes are odorless and healthier.

Q : What is the best way to ignite the shisha/hookah briquettes?
A : By using a special stove for shisha/hookah briquettes. Place it on the stove for a few minutes then flip it over until the heat flows evenly. Wait until almost all sides are coated with light ash and the briquettes are ready to use.

Q : Can you produce custom briquettes according to my request?
A : Yes, you can discuss it with us