Briquettes Charcoal

Briquettes Charcoal

Coconut shell briquettes are an alternative fuel that has many advantages when using it. Some of the advantages of using coconut shell briquettes are saving and economical, safe and environmentally friendly. Coconut shell briquettes are flammable, can last long and produce high heat energy, so that when compared to other fuels, coconut shell briquettes are more efficient. This briquette processing does not add chemicals so that when used it does not smoke and the ash does not fly. By using this briquette, there is no need to worry about the equipment having black stains, because this briquette does not leave stains on the equipment.

Advantages of Coconut Shell Briquettes
This coconut shell briquette has many advantages, namely:

  • Cheaper and economical.
  • No risk of exploding or burning like kerosene stoves and LPG stoves.
  • High and continuous heat is very good for combustion that takes a long time.
  • It doesn't make any noise and isn't so alert, so it doesn't damage cooking utensils.
  • Environmentally friendly and safe for health, especially for housewives who often cook in the kitchen.
  • The source of briquettes from coconut shells is abundant.

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Briquettes CharcoalBriquettes Charcoal
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