Charcoal Briquettes Indonesia

Charcoal Briquettes Indonesia

Briquettes are a block of material that can be burned for fuel. This alternative fuel is made from the combustion of small materials. Briquettes can be made from various types of materials but the most commonly used briquettes are charcoal briquettes, rock briquettes, biomass briquettes and peat briquettes. How to make briquettes is quite easy and in making it can take advantage of the materials around us. This briquette is very helpful in terms of cooking and various other needs, this briquette is an alternative fuel that is quite economical and can be the choice of the community. This briquette has many advantages because it is able to produce high heat energy and can be durable, making this one fuel the right choice to save money. Briquettes can be made from coconut shell charcoal, wood dust, organic waste, husk charcoal and so on. Various types of this material can be used as best as possible for the manufacture of fuel.

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